Using Keywords & Headers to Increase Business Sales

So you’ve created a shiny new website for your business, you’re listed on an online directory to help reach more targeted customers and you’re even using social media to promote your content. That’s great.

However, you’re still not getting as many leads and customers as you were hoping. The problem – you may not be using the right keywords and headers in the right way, which means your website and content is not effectively optimized for search engines.

Keyword and headers are two of the most important elements of a successful search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. Understanding how they work and the right way to utilize them can go a long way in helping your business reach its target audience and increase leads and customers.

So what exactly are keywords and headers? You’ve likely heard both terms many times but maybe just never taken the time to truly understand them and how they can benefit your business. We can help with that.

In simplest terms, keywords are the words typed into search engines to find answers to a specific question or topic an individual is searching for. Strategically placing keywords in your online content communicates to the search engine crawler what your content is about, thus making it easier for individuals to find it when searching for a similar topic.

Headers are pieces of HTML code that allow certain words to stand out on a page or in simpler terms, they are the titles on a website page. Headers range from H1 to H6, with the H1 tag being the most important, as it’s the highest-level tag that tells readers and search engine crawlers what your specific page and content is about. Search engines give it more weight over other headings and thus, it improves your search engine ranking.

The benefits of the effective use of keywords and headers are numerous and invaluable to the success of your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Impact on Organic Page Rank – As noted above, having the right keywords and headers help search engines like Google identify what your content is about and in turn, display it to individuals as they search for something similar online. According to Hubspot, 75 percent of internet users rarely scroll past the first page of results in their online search. That means that showing up on the first page of search engine results page (SERP) is instrumental to your digital marketing success. Having the right keywords and headers help you achieve that.

2. Drives Traffic To Your Website – When you show up at the top or near the top of a SERP, individuals are far more likely to click and visit your website for more information. Especially because the appropriate and effective use of keywords informs individuals on exactly what your content is about. When individuals get to your website, the use of effective headers helps make your content easier to understand and your website easier to navigate as it tells the user exactly what each page is about. 

3. Increase Conversion – If individuals are already searching for a specific keyword and/or keywords, it means that they are likely at the awareness, possibly moving into the consideration stage of the buying process and thus are far more likely to be persuaded and convinced to buy what you are selling.

4. Avoid Time-Wasting & Costly Mistakes – Knowing the right keywords and headers for your business, brand and target audience, helps you avoid wasting time on producing irrelevant content that does not resonate with and/or attract your audience. This is also a cost-saving benefit, as spending a lot of time producing content that does not resonate with your audience can lead to a financial loss.

5. Provides Audience Insights – Effective keyword analysis can help give insight into marketing trends and consumer behaviour by informing businesses of what is important and popular to their specific audience. It can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and anticipate trends before they become popular.

The fact is there is simply no downside to understanding and making effective use of keywords and headers. In fact, not doing so is an almost guarantee that your digital marketing efforts will fail.

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