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Six Reasons Your Business Should Be Listed On An Online Directory

Online directories in many ways are very similar to print directories, and offer many of the same opportunities for local businesses. It’s simply done online, rather than through the traditional method of print.

Most online directories allow businesses to not just list their telephone number and address, but also link to their website, which of course can increase traffic. Unsure about listing your business on an online directory, here are six reasons to help convince you.

  1. Cost-Effective – Using an online directory to advertise your business is fairly cheap and in some cases, even free. Many online directories offer free listings, where your business will be listed with no charge. These are typically listings of just the company name, telephone number and location. Additional features like priority placement, opening hours, website link, customer reviews, etc., usually come at a price, but the total cost is often far cheaper than more traditional advertising methods, such as a television ad, radio ad, etc.
  1. Increase Visibility/Discoverability – As previously stated, one of the first places individuals search when in need of a service or product, particular if it is an immediate need, is an online directory. For example, if an individual’s washing machine suddenly breaks down, they will search for a local mechanic that can come fix it for them as quickly as possible. And the directory is the best place to find that. And if your business is not listed, you’ve missed out on the chance to gain a new customer.
  1. Improves SEO – For every listing in an online directory, a new listing is provided to Google, which means that when someone searches for your company, that directory listing, which has been fed to Google, will show up on the search engine results page.
  1. Creates Direct and Indirect Traffic to Website – Online directories help direct individuals to your website either directly, when they simply click and follow the link provided on the listing or indirectly, when they reach your website via your online listing showing up on the search engine results page.
  1. Helps Reach New Potential Partners/Investors – Strategic partnerships between businesses is actually fairly common – think Barnes & Noble and Starbucks (because books and coffee go well together). Obviously this is an example on a much larger global scale. However, even small businesses can find ways to create beneficial partnerships and online directories provide a great platform to facilitate this, as it’s usually a go-to when businesses are searching for another business to work with.
  1. Strengthens Credibility – Most online directories offer customer reviews and the more positive the reviews for your business, the better your credibility as a business and a brand to potential customers.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your business should be listed on an online directory. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get listed on our new and improved online directory,

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