5 Effective SEO Tips to Optimize Mobile Marketing

For businesses and marketers, it’s no longer a question of “should I invest in mobile marketing” but “how much should I invest in mobile marketing”. According to Smart Insights, 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone and comScore notes that 80 percent of social media time is spent on a mobile device. Mobile is here to stay and it is important to know how best to optimize for your mobile marketing efforts.

1. Keep Things Simple – Always remember that with mobile, you are working with less screen space and a bit more limited capacity as opposed to a desktop. Therefore, try to use shorter tail keywords, avoid too many small buttons and rich media, such as pop ups and flash. The goal is to make the experience as quick and seamless as possible for your customer and potential customer.

2. Be More Location Based – When it comes to mobile, most individual searches revolve around the micro-moments. That need and desire for an immediate answer and resolution, which is often location based. Therefore, ensure that your mobile content is optimized for local search, including, your local business address, telephone number, local map, etc.

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3. Be Entertaining With Content – Most individuals’ attention span is very brief when it comes to the online world and that’s lessened even more when it comes to mobile. Most people are not interested in reading or viewing anything that takes more than a few minutes, sometimes even seconds. So ensure that your mobile content is entertaining and engaging enough to immediately grab one’s attention, hold their attention and be remembered after they’ve viewed it.
4. Ensure Click to Action (CTA) & Click to Call (CTC) Options – Once again, keep in mind that most mobile searches are done during micro-moments, likely when the customer is at the consideration, possibly purchase stage of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that there are visible and easily accessible CTA and/or CTC buttons on your mobile site and/or app. You do not want to lose out on a potential sale because the customer cannot find a way to reach your business. Also ensure that on mobile sites, there is a link to the main version of your site for those customers who may want the full access when making an order, paying for something, etc.

5. Be Strategic With Rich Content – While pop-ups and flash are a big no, it is important to capture your customers’ attention and visually stimulating elements such as bright, bold images and videos help. The trick is to be smart when employing these tools for mobile. Because a too image-heavy or overly long videos mobile site can cause the page to run slow and take a long time to load. And that is a very quick way to turn customers off.

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