5 Ways to Improve your Mobile Customer Experience

Mobile is reshaping marketing strategies and transforming brands and customer experiences by creating unique web experiences. Our brands are constantly judged on how well or how high we show up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) and how fast and accurate we can make our information available from any mobile device.
With the importance of mobile in the consumer’s life today, as marketers, we now have to take into consideration how our content is consumed on all mobile devices, whether that’s a phone, iPad or tablet and how best to make said content effective.
1. Shorten Your Content – Content brevity matters a great deal to mobile searchers. When it comes to the content you deliver, think short, catchy and valuable. Web searchers are usually short on time and have specific needs. So you have to get in front of them with the right message. As a general rule, simplicity wins.
2. Make Reviews a Priority – Many customers use reviews as a make it-or-break it tactic when using their mobile to search online. Rather than making certain your brand gets positive reviews on all your products and services, focus your efforts on getting positive reviews for your core solutions. What people have to say about your individual services and/or products matters more than your brand’s overall review ratings. When you encourage reviewers to upload photos with their reviews, it provides great local content and social proof-elements for your mobile site.
3. Mobile Speed Matters – Optimizing your site for mobile doesn’t just mean cleaning the code, it also means focusing on the speed with which it loads. Think With Google found that if a page’s loading time goes from 1 second to 5 seconds, the bounce rate goes up by 90 percent. As such, mobile speed directly affects bounce rates and ultimately impacts websites conversions. Websites that load faster, earn more. So, test, adjust, test again and make sure your site isn’t trailing behind.
4. Optimize for local content – Research shows that 96 percent of users now reach for their smartphones in micro-moments. These micro-moments occur when a consumer instinctively reaches for their smartphone to find something like a tutorial or the location of a local store. By tweaking your hours, directions, page titles and descriptions, you can double your impressions and raise the number of clicks.
Here are some additional steps to optimize your site for searches:
5. Optimize your images – Image optimization is one of the essential factors of mobile marketing. Not only should you take into consideration the quality and type of your images, but you should also focus on the file name, alt text, title text and captions. Always ensure that your file names are clear, relevant and descriptive. Consider inviting customers to share pictures online (e.g., websites, Instagram, Yelp, Google) and include as much rich detail as possible.

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