Tips for Effective Video Marketing

In a previous article, we discussed some of the many benefits of video marketing. As we previously noted, the statistics on the effectiveness of video marketing, speak for itself. For example, including video on a landing page increases a business’ conversion rate by 80 percent.
However, it is not enough to simply incorporate video marketing into your digital marketing strategy and assume success will come. To gain the full benefits of video marketing, it has to be executed well. Here are few tips on how to effectively utilize video marketing into your business strategy.
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1. Keep It Simple – You’ve probably heard it many times. Social media and the Internet has actually led to a decrease in individuals’ attention span. It is one of the many reasons video marketing has increased so rapidly. Because most people would rather watch a quick video than read text. However, even with videos, most people don’t want to watch something that is very long. They want the main points as quickly and as succinctly as possible. One minute videos are some of the most popular and if you must have it be longer, no more than 3 to 5 minutes is your best bet.
2. SEO, SEO, SEO…. – It’s a word that some are probably tired of hearing but it has to be repeated because it is one of the most essential aspects of any content your business produces. Because if people cannot find your content, it will have no impact. And the best way for people to find your content is to ensure that it is well optimized for search engines. That includes the title you choose for the video, any hashtags, caption, description, etc.
3. Humanize Your Brand – One of the biggest mistakes businesses can make with their video marketing (and marketing in general) is to always focus on the hard sell. While it is important, particularly if your business sells physical products, to have videos showing how they work, their features, etc., it is also important to show the human side of your brand. Don’t be afraid to include a bit of humour and light-heartedness into your videos.
4. Show Variety – It is always important to add variety into your business strategies and the same principle applies for video marketing. This includes doing a mix of short and longer videos, doing product tutorials, testimonials, etc. use animation and/or graphics in videos, etc. As long as you remember to stay consistent with your brand objective and identity, the sky is the limit in the ways you can creatively employ video marketing for your digital marketing strategy.
5. Consider The Channel – One of the biggest misconceptions of social media is that it’s a one size fits all type of medium. That is a fallacy. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, etc. every platform has its own set of rules and guidelines and what works and doesn’t work on it. Regarding video marketing on social media, length is particularly important. Facebook allows full length videos, while Instagram for example only accepts videos that are 60 seconds or less. Although Instagram has since implemented IGTV, which allows for longer videos (up to 10 minutes). And of course, You Tube, the number one video sharing platform allows videos of any length. Therefore, consider the type of video you want to make, the audience you want to attract, etc. and use these factors to pick the right channel and/or channels to promote your video.
6. Repurpose Video – Like all content, videos don’t have to live and exist in one space. They can and should be repurposed in many ways. Consider this scenario. You have created a product video showing the features and functionalities of a new product offered by your business. The video is about 30 minutes long, so you put it on You Tube. That 30 minute video can then be broken up into short 3-5 minute videos that are shared on Facebook and then even shorter videos that can be shared on Twitter and Instagram over a period of time.

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