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How Online Directories Help You Reach Your Target Audience

The most important goals of marketing is to help your business reach as much of your target audience as possible, interest them enough to where they are willing to buy whatever you’re selling and nurture the relationship enough that it keeps them loyal to your brand, over time.

Online directories are a significant tool in helping your business reach your target audience and if you are not listing your business on it, you are hurting your bottom line. There are a number of ways that a quality listing on an online directory can help you reach your target audience. Here are a few.

  1. Increases Visibility/Discoverability – Online directories make your business more easily accessible to local customers. Research shows that more than 90 percent of customers use search engines to shop locally. Having your business listed on an online directory, with the right keywords, increases your chances of ranking organically on a search engine results page (SERP). And showing up on the SERP allows your business to be seen, significantly increasing the likelihood of attracting a potential customer.
  1. Allows for Targeted Listing – One of the obvious ways that online directories help your business reach your target audience is that they offer a number of profile categories in their listing that allow businesses to stream line their brand. For example, profiles may be listed based on product and/or service, location, etc. Many online directories also offer the option to set up paid campaigns that are also aimed at reaching a specific target audience.
  1. Location, Location… – Research shows that “Near Me” searches have increased dramatically since the rise of mobile devices. In fact, one-third of mobile searches are often location-related. Most of these searches are for those micro-moments where an individual is looking for an immediate solution to a specific need or want. And those moments require your business be optimized for local searches and one of the best ways to do so – getting listed on online directories.
  1. Along the Marketing Funnel – According to the Local Search Association, 8 out of 10 people will look into an online directory when they are in need of a particular product and/or service. That means they are at the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey and far more likely to purchase. That percentage is likely to include your target audience, which means if you’re not listed on an online directory when they are searching for and ready to purchase, you’re not going to reach them and you are going to lose out.
  1. Credibility – Online directories are often viewed as reliable sources for quality and credible businesses. Particularly as many provide a customer reviews section. That means your target audience is far more likely to give your business a chance and purchase from you if you are listed on an online directory with good customer reviews.

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