Fraud Alert

Fraud Prevention

A word of caution about unscrupulous businesses soliciting advertising on behalf of Yellow Pages
Have you ever received an email, or a call from a fraudulent Yello representative? Many small and medium sized business owners have placed ads with persons claiming to represent the Yello Media Group only to find out they paid for advertising that was never placed or appeared in a publication of a much lower quality than the official Yello.
Yello Media Group takes our relationship with our customers seriously, which is why we want to warn our customers about emails or phony calls from companies pretending to be the Yello Media Group.
As a business owner, you must base your selection on the best advertising medium in order to grow your business upon proven facts versus unsubstantiated promises.
The Find Yello print directory is delivered free to residences, businesses and visitor accommodations. Annually hundreds of thousands of visitors search with, making Yello the best advertising choice to get your business in front of the right customers.
Yello is the go-to-source for local  information, providing the most comprehensive and complete database of local content. 



Before you purchase buy any directory advertising take the following steps:

1.  Check out the company and its publication. Call your Yello Media Group  advertising consultant to confirm if the communication has been sent from us.

2.  Ask for a copy of previous directory edition.

3.  Ask for the online directory’s Web address and call advertisers in the directory to ask if their listing has been a good buy. If your business is listed in the Find Yello Directory  you will also be listed on at no charge.

4.  When talking about print, ask the publisher for written information about where the directory is distributed, how it is distributed, how often it is published, and distribution or circulation figures.

For further information, please contact our Customer Experience Team Toll Free: 1-800-744-3000 or email: