February 28, 2022 – Jamaica – Strengthening its offerings and building on its mission to empower local businesses, Yello Media Group – Jamaica is now a Digital partner of the Development Bank of Jamaica for their Go-Digital initiative. The Development Bank of Jamaica is currently offering Grants valued at $300,000 JMD to qualifying businesses to help start or improve their Digital capabilities. The DBJ is also offering Loans of $800,000 JMD and up to $10 Million JMD through the SERVE programme for businesses who need more capital. This partnership will see Yello Media providing Digital services, Website Development, Social Media Management, Google Advertising and other digital solutions to businesses who qualify for the grant or loan from the DBJ. 

” Our mission to empower local businesses is deeply rooted in our ability to discover the right partnerships and collaborate on how we put the right solutions, especially digitally, at the fingertips of Jamaican business owners. This partnership does just that. ” said Ian Neita, CEO of Yello Media. ” The pandemic has identified digital areas of opportunity in many Jamaican businesses, and these grants and loans are a great way to help start your digital journey or develop your infrastructure. We want to partner with as many businesses as we can to provide solutions that drive that positive digital transformation.” 

The Development Bank of Jamaica SERVE initiative was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service on September 15, 2021. The initiative will see the DBJ offering $3 Billion in low-cost loans and grants available to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that have been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The impact [of COVID-19] on local businesses has been particularly hard because of how we do business,” said DBJ Managing Director Milverton Reynolds. “We are largely rooted in the traditional way of conducting our affairs – that is to say, in person, paper-based, mortar and brick operations and so on. Therefore, if there is one over-riding thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that businesses have to change if they are to survive.”

Interested businesses should make contact with Yello Media Group to discuss what their solutions packages could include for either the grant or any of the loans offered under the programme. Businesses can also signup through our website [ weknowja.com ].

Yello Media Group has served as a leading Print and Digital advertising solutions provider for over 30 years. Help to bring the gap between communities and businesses by putting information and solutions at their fingertips.


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