The Ministry is aware of the situation and has put a number of measures in place to address this. I have inserted a link ( to a Dropbox folder that has a number of PSA’s and other advisories and information you can share within your organization as well as the wider public. I will also attach two (2) press releases sent out by the ministry providing Guidance to Employers.

In addition to the 888-ONE-LOVE (663-5683) announced recently for members of the public to contact the Ministry of Health & Wellness with COVID-19 concerns,  additional numbers can now be used. These numbers are:

· 888-754-7792

· 876-542-5998

· 876-542-6007

· 876-542- 6006

· 876-542-5998


Members of the public may also make contact with the Ministry via email using [email protected] or [email protected].


The Ministry of Health and Wellness is in the process of adding additional communication medium for members of the public to share their concerns relating to COVID-19.


We continue to encourage the public to take the necessary precautions as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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Attachment 2:(click link below to view)

IPC for employers for COVID 19 version 2

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