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At Yello Media Group, we consider ourselves as your “Employer of Choice”. We seek gladiators who embrace the dynamic and creative professionals who double as super heroes. We don’t just offer jobs, we offer careers. So, take a look at the various departments in which you can contribute and send us your applications and resumes on the link below. Be sure to pack your mask and cape for your interview.

Marketing is much more than promotions and campaigns, it’s about building and delivering on the brand’s promise. These guys certainly have a close relationship with their inner child. They’re not afraid to hop on a swing, play in the sandbox or dive into the deep end because they understand that creativity comes from the most unusual encounters.

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo or a cape to Superman, then welcome to the dynamic life of an Advertising Consultant. Their experience and expertise in working across a vast range of industries is unmatched throughout the region. When you think business development and advertising solutions, this is the team you call on.

If you’re an ace chess player, you’re hired! The PMO office thinks ten moves ahead in strategic implementation of planning and product roll out. Working in active partnership with project teams, stakeholders and sponsors, this team puts the ‘check’ in checkmate.

The Business Intelligence unit is a key business initiative that aligns strategic and operational objectives with business activities, leveraging information and data as compelling assets for making fact-based decisions. This result in the identification of business opportunities, the roll out of better products or services for our customers, improved understanding of the competitive arena and exceptional customer service experiences, leading to greater customer retention and growth.

The publishing team is like shopping in your favourite department store. In aisle one we have digital fulfillment. Aisle two has website development and video production. Aisle three is graphic design. They bring the pieces of the puzzle together to create a complete digital package for customers.

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is crucial to the Yello Media Group’s heartbeat. Technology changes by the minute these days and this team has to stay ahead with its finger on the pulse.  We welcome tech savvy specialists who know the nuts and bolts of technology and innovation.

What would business be without money? Our team eats numbers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spreadsheets make them dizzy with excitement. Keen business acumen, backed by unquestionable integrity and ethics are crucial to this team.

Do you have a nose for sniffing out talent? With our eclectic team, Human Resources focus on building energy internally and externally. Human resources strikes a delicate balance in recruiting the right people while keeping existing employees happy. It’s a rewarding juggling act.

The CXG Team embodies teamwork, drive, dynamism, superior customer interaction with a dash of fun. Our core goals are to understand the needs of both our internal and external customers and to address their concerns effectively through the alignment and integration of the Yello Promise.  

If you believe that you have the skillset, passion, expertise and dedication to be a part of our dynamic team then send us an email at

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