Four Benefits of the Yellow Pages

I know what you’re thinking – no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. And you would be wrong with that assumption. According to the Local Search Association, eight out of ten consumers look in the Yellow Pages to find local businesses.
While much of the world has gravitated towards the digital space and even the Yellow Pages has evolved into offering an online version, the traditional print directory still holds a special place in the advertising world. Here are a few benefits of the Yellow Pages print directory.
1. Cost – Advertising in the print directory is still significantly cheaper than a television or radio ad and/or even a magazine ad. Free listings are still available, albeit with significantly less feature options than a paid profile.
2. Better Targeting – The Yellow Pages offer highly targeted options for businesses, particularly geographic. This is especially beneficial for small businesses whose target audiences are limited to a very specific location and/or locations. The information in the Yellow Pages also tends to be highly localized, another appeal regarding geographic targeting. Yellow Pages also offer targeting via the type of industry your business is a part of and/or products or services your business offers.
3. Customers are Ready to Buy – More often than not, when an individual picks up the Yellow Pages to search for something, they either know exactly what they’re looking for or have an idea, e.g. the specific industry. That means they are far along the customer journey and are in the decision, i.e. ready to purchase stage or at the least, the consideration stage. Your business needs to be present for these moments or you may lose out on a potential sale.
4. Credibility – The Yellow Pages is a resource that has been around for a long time. And as such, is viewed as a highly credible resource. People trust the information they receive from the Yellow Pages. And having the public trust and view you as credible in the advertising world, particuarly in today’s Internet driven climate, is huge. What that means for businesses advertising with the Yellow Pages is that customers will be far more willing to contact and consider their business.

These are just a few of the ways your business can benefit from advertising with the Yellow Pages. Contact us today to discuss the best print advertising options for your business in the local directory.

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