Barbados 247 Giveaway Extravaganza

"YP Crashed Car"
With free Wi-Fi internet available across 60% of the country, Barbados Yellow Pages/Global Directories is giving individuals a chance to use this medium to compete for a new Samsung Android 4G Smart Phone in their “Barbados 247 Giveaway” online photo contest.


This contest follows the “Hello Yellow” photo competition held earlier this year, that contest was very successful and it’s expected the current Facebook photo quest will also generate huge buzz, while encouraging Wi-Fi use and the discovery of Barbados via mobile phones.


Being run on Facebook, the contest invites Barbadians to submit photos of their favourite people, places or things using the free nationwide Wi-Fi access for a chance to win the state-of-the-art communications device, plus a 3-month data package from LIME.


In addition to the photos, participants are being encouraged to post what it means to be connected 24/7, a significant driver in the local campaign to open up free access to all.


Interested persons are asked to visit to submit their photos, as well as to vote for their favourite entry. At the end of the contest, which is scheduled to run until Friday, November 18, 2011, the photo with the most votes will be chosen as the winner.


Christina Parsons, Director of Marketing with Global Directories, said free access to Wi-Fi is a significant step for Barbados and as such they wanted to encourage all Barbadians to get and stay connected:


The Barbadian society and development of the country as a whole has benefitted over the years from widespread access, whether it be to education, healthcare, or transportation. With the world essentially being “shrunk” by the process of globalisation, facilitated by advancements in communications technology, widespread access to Wi-Fi gives all Barbadians a chance to stay connected to and interact constantly with the global community, a development supported fully by Barbados Yellow Pages.