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Our History

In 1984, Caribbean Publishing Company was formed and quickly became the leading publisher of print and online directories throughout the Caribbean.

The print directory expanded to include offerings for online directory and mobile app access. Renamed Global Directories in 2002, Global Directories Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Media House Limited and has been on the forefront of telephone book publishing for over 50 years.

Global Directories Limited publishes 23 print telephone directories in 21 countries for a combined circulation of over 2 million copies, while its network of 21 online properties reaches almost 7 million (Source: Google Analytics) unique visitors with over 61 million (Unique Searches Source: Information Pages-Phoenix) annually.

Our Journey

Our Philosophy

Here at Yello Media Group, we believe that our success is predicated on the success of our clients and our team members. Everything we do, directly and indirectly, affects the businesses in the communities that we serve.

We strive to make positive changes that improve the user experience. While it is important to control costs, it is also important to invest in innovative and creative ways to engage the user.

Operating in many distinct markets, we respect the uniqueness of each and recognise that our strategies must adapt to fit those traits. We welcome the challenges brought by serving our advertisers, our users and our markets.

If you believe that you have the skillset, passion, expertise and dedication to be a part of our dynamic team then send us an email at [email protected].

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