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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Display Advertising

If your business is not already investing in display advertising, then you are missing out on an important channel for reaching a significant portion of your target audience. Not to mention the lost opportunity to get leads and potential customers.

While traditional advertising, such as television and radio ads are effective in their own way and each serve a purpose, in the digital age, where most of your target audience is likely online, display advertising is essential.

Need more convincing? Read on for five reasons why display advertising is an absolute must for marketing your business.

  1. Low Cost – One of the more common misconceptions about display advertising is that it’s very expensive, which is one of the main deterrents for business owners, particularly small business owners, in investing in it. In reality, display advertising is much cheaper than many other types of advertising. Particularly because one of the payment options for display advertising is Cost per Click (CPC), which essentially means that a business owner only pays when someone clicks on their ad. So if there are no clicks, you pay nothing and lose little.
  1. Excellent Targeting – Display advertisements offer various personalization options, particularly in relation to location (i.e. geo-targeting) and specific keywords, potential customers are likely to be searching for. The right keywords help ensure your display ad is featured on the right website where your target audience is likely to see it at the moment when they are looking for a product or service similar to what you are selling.
  1. ReTargeting & ReMarketing – Display advertisements are a great tool for retargeting and remarketing to a target audience you may not have convinced to buy before but is still clearly interested in what your business has to offer. This includes people who may have previously searched your business website, whose information search has been stored thanks to the cookies on your website. Or perhaps they were people who searched other websites but used keywords similar to your products and/or services. The point being that these are people who have clearly shown an interest, which means they are far along the buyer’s journey and far more likely to be convinced to buy.
  1. Track Performance – Display advertisements offer the option for weekly, in some cases, even daily updates. This makes it very easy for business owners to track the success or failure of the ad and know what is and isn’t working, what should be tweaked, expanded upon, etc. This kind of timely feedback makes it a lot easier to ensure success but more importantly, reduce the risk of financial loss as a business owner is not investing one large sum in an advertisement that does not yield results.
  1. Reaches Customers At Every Stage of Customer Journey – Display advertisements have a unique ability to reach and appeal to customers at all stages of the customer journey. For example, someone who may not be actively searching for athletic shoes but is looking at yoga clothes on a website, may see a display ad for athletic shoes, based on some keywords used in their search. For example, health, fitness, athletic, athletics, etc. At this point, this individual becomes aware of your business. Someone who is at the interest stage, actively searching for athletic shoes on various search engines, will also see this display ad and be more willing to click. And finally, most display advertisements are equipped with some type of Call to Action (CTA) and so the individual who is at the purchase stage and clicks the ad, will likely be directed to some type of offer or sales/checkout process. This one display ad has managed to reach various individuals, all at different stages of their buying journey.

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